Monday, April 18, 2016

Interview: hiphop for president + definitionoffresh + dunn deal promotions

Bay Area, California rapper HipHop For President presents “The Political Liars”, his new single and musical centerpiece of his bid for the US presidency this year. Formerly known as Alpha Leo, the rapper officially changed his government name to HipHop For President, and his policies include legalizing cannabis, reparations for African-Americans, legislation against police brutality, and college grants for high school students with at least a C average. “The Political Liars”, which currently has a couple hundred shares on Facebook, features lyrics like “every election we go through this session / last time it was Obama in the recession / George Bush got a re-election / Bill Clinton’s saxophone collection had Blacks minds gone / then he signed that bill to put us away, we still didn’t learn our lesson.” HipHop For President released the David & Goliath mixtape in 2012 (Datpiff), and has released one single from the forthcoming David & Goliath 2, “Jesus Was Black” (Soundcloud). His 2009 single “My Time Now” spent four weeks at the number one spot on Hartford, CT radio station KISS 95.7’s Underground Countdown. His presidential bid has received coverage in The Source (read) and on KCBS (listen). “Black people always get fooled every election cycle,” HipHop For President says. “I’m telling the people not to vote for any of the candidates in mainstream media.”

Donald Trump seems to be lagging in popularity. What do you think this trend indicates?

Donald Trump is not lagging in popularity. Right now he has a landslide lead in the Republican primaries. Donald Trump may be one of the most electrifying candidates we ever saw. The rebellion that you see at his rallies are being intensified by the media. Of course there are people out there who don't like Trump. There are people out there who don't like Obama. There are people out there who don't like me, however, if you notice Trump on a statistical level then it is quite apparent that he is very popular. I do admit that the outcry is more intense than an outcry that we ever saw in recent memory, but that is because it is a direct inertia effect of how concentrated of support Trump is getting. For every action there is either an equal or opposite reaction. Since Donald Trump's campaign is so strong then it will have a bipolar opposite outcry, and the closer to a Presidential election he gets then the stronger his support will get as well as resistance.

Understanding that sometimes we must choose between the lesser of evils, which candidate other than yourself would you prefer to see the presidency go to?

There are no such thing as lesser evils. There is only evil.. and in this country there is white supremacy. All of the Presidential candidates that the media prompt in front of us only agenda is for the purpose of white supremacy. They all have their own tactics of how to keep it running. They all have different ideas of how to keep it stabilized. But at the end of the day all of the agendas is going to benefit white supremacy. Bill Clinton played the saxophone and still passed legislation criminalizing and locking up millions of black men. Bernie Sanders plans to take away gun rights and infringe on our second amendment rights to bear arms with legislation that's going to affect people of color. Hillary Clinton have already stated that she feels black urban youth should come to a heel and that they are predators. Donald Trump plans to criminalize people based on their religion and ethnic background and is more vocal about it. However all of these candidates have either passed agendas or plan to legislate agendas that are going to aid towards the strengthening of white supremacy infringing on civil liberties for people of color. Evil is evil.

Do you think America has more of an issue with a black male president or a white female president? Why?

They don't care about the face of the person who is going to implement their agendas. Whatever face they feel is better for the time that is going to resonate with American people better. If you have a black face, a female face or a white face, as long as that face keeps the stability of white supremacy then they will prop it up. They don't want ANY face breaking code. That's why a Presidential candidate like myself have such of a hard time.

What steps have you taken to mobilize your campaign?

Awareness is crucial for a campaign and since we are living in an era of social media I am hitting social media platforms vigorously. Im also planning a lecture tour after the primaries.

What have been your biggest obstacles? Where have you found unexpected support?

My biggest obstacles is being dismissed by a lot of media attention that is needed for my campaign.. but I'm getting support from some small media entities which I appreciate a lot. However, everyday I'm trying to think of ways of how to establish more awareness.. and I will continue to work.

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