Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Serge Severe - Make It

Without dropping an official project since 2013, Serge Severe has remained on the rap radar by releasing a steady stream of songs and videos, while consistently doing shows over the last couple years. Gearing up for a full project to drop in the Fall, Severe releases a major slap produced by Stewart Villain entitled "Make It".  Stream & Download below!!!

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D.P. Da Prophet ft. Skyzoo & Nitty Scott MC - Where I'm From

Da Poet Da Prophet drops off a record from his latest EP "Believe" titled "Where I'm From" featuring veteran hip hop artist Skyzoo & female emcee Nitty Scott MC.

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Alpha Faktion - Creative Control

DM360 sends the single "Creative Control" by underground rap trio Alpha Faktion. The track is produced by living rap legend Nottz. “Creative Control” is a mission statement and one hell of a way to kick off the rollout for their upcoming album of the same name. In addition to Nottz, the project boasts collaborators such as Marley Marl, Marco Polo, Planet Asia, DJ Spinna, and more. The single is now available for both stream and download through all major digital retailers.


The first completely original production project from FTRSNDMTRX member SVNTY6. It features no samples, but all instruments, drums, melodies and effects are played by SVNTY6 from scratch. Plus, he mixed, arranged and mastered the project too. He took inspiration from his lifelong affection for Hip Hop, and draws from his surrounding environments in Thurrock, UK.

SVNTY6 was fortunate enough to gain the vocal talents of emcees around the globe, from the UK to the US, to bless his beats.

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1. Grande Wop - Contiiinue 02:36
2. Left Field Rhythms - Electriiic 03:30
3. AIMZ - WhereTheLiiightsAt 03:18
4. The Mighty Rhino - Regalll 02:52
5. iLLVibe - ShutShitDowwwn 03:20
6. 90BRO - WarrrmElectrics 03:58
7. The Movement Fam - Swarrrm 02:50
8. Goose - Don'tStannndSo... 02:23
9. Jister - iiidle48 02:25
10. Heddy Fur - WaiiitAllNight 02:13

Chase Allen - Lansdowne Ave Flows (Weston Road Flows Freestyle)

Hitting us with a #Freestyle4Practice ...Chase Allen delivers some tasteful lyricism over Drake's "Weston Road Flows" to tell his own story; Lansdowne Ave Flows.

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Video: International Maverick - Clap For Me

International Maverick sends his visuals for ''Clap For Me'', directed by Work Nowitzki and produced by International Maverick.


Lando Chill has signed a multi-album deal with Mello Music Group. To celebrate we are releasing his new video "Coroner" directed by William Critcher. Lando will be releasing his new album with Mello Music Group late this summer.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Str8OutDaDen: Pablo's Grand Life Of Drinking Lemonade Whilst Riding Tidal Waves

Certain questions come to mind when I think of the term progression as it relates to the music industry. Is it not truly a fantastic time to be alive as an artist or likely any individual who gets to listen to such music? So much so, that shouldn't we be immensely thankful? Do we not exist presently within the greatest era for artistry in music? Or can we just simply always state, outside of an apocalypse or vast change in democracy as we know it, that the future will always be better than the past?

Maybe that's a metaphysical topic for a much deeper piece. Or maybe moguls like Diddy who know first hand the killing raked in by platinum record sales in the nineties will laugh at this very notion. Clearly Drake and Future would utmost concur that now is a great time to be alive. There are two more artists that may also agree with me for various reasons, but most definitely regarding their present works; Kanye West and Beyoncé.

The metaphorical white smoke as it were of the charring fire that was Kanye's The Life of Pablo release and subsequent chart topping, and the still aflame scorched music industry Beyoncé has slayed as she slashes that to which we previously knew to be the way of releasing a body of work. The two artists share a chariot, and that chariot is an interface befitting of kings, a carriage born from the spoils of war like litigation of an industry that shared far too less, thought unappreciative, and lacking the very creative freedoms now rife upon their own individual trails and headings into their respective futures.

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Rock Mecca - Prizefights feat. Ratigan

Rebel Vein sends the track Prizefights by Queens, NY emcee Rock Mecca, produced by Jake Palumbo. The track features Jamaican dancehall artist Ratigan providing the hook.

Ugly Heroes - Heart Attack

Ugly Heroes (Red Pill, Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent) are back with the second single "Heart Attack" from their upcoming album "Everything In Between".

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Joey B (ft. Joe Budden) - By Myself

DM360 sends "By Myself" by North Chelmsford, Mass.’s own Joey B featuring Joe Budden“By Myself” is now available for stream and can be downloaded through iTunes all major digital retailers.  The track is produced by C-Lance.  Stream below!!!