Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nametag x DJ DDT - Relentless (feat. Travis Slang)

Detroit MC, Nametag and DJ/Producer, DJ DDT have a collaborative effort titled "Lead And Be Legendary: The MixtaEP" (meant to be spelled this way) scheduled for a February 24, 2015 release. The mixtaEP will be released under Tag's own imprint, L.A.B.L. To get us prepared for their project, here's a single from "L.A.B.L : The MixtaEP" called "RELENTLESS" featuring, Travis Slang also a Detroit MC/Producer of the production crew Creative Notez.  Stream the track below!!!

***Thanks to Lead And Be Lengendary for sending***

Open Mike Eagle - Raps For When It's Just You And The Abyss

Mello Music Group sends the track Raps For When It's Just You And The Abyss by Open Mike Eagle.  Stream the track below!!!

Pragmatic Theory presents VENOMOUS2000 - A Moment to Reflect Vol.3

Pragmatic Theory sends VENOMOUS2000 - A Moment to Reflect Vol.3 features producers & emcees from Serbia, Germany, England, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Norway, Belgium, France, and the United States. With emcee features by London’s very own Juga Naut & Scorzayzee; France’s Sanai, New Jersey’s very own Fel Sweetenberg & Mr. Fickle, The Formulis, Twylight and Chicago’s Thaione Davis.


1. Reflect for a moment 00:20
2. Look Alive ft. Mr. Fickle, Passport Rav, Fel Sweetenberg (Prod. by DJ Manipulator, Cuts Chinch 33) 04:58
3. To Emcee (Prod. by Matnez, Cuts DJ Keal) 02:47
4. No Coast ft. Haze of Main Aim (Prod. by DJ Manipulator, Cuts DJ Priority) 03:22
5. Hacksaw Jim Duggan ft. Phonetic, Nalm Myerz, Sanai (Prod. by Chopzilla) 03:06
6. Do It - (Prod. by Alex Kidone, Cuts DJ Priorty) 02:23
7. Wake Up ft. B3B3, ETP (Prod. by Pejota) 03:28
8. Go Nuts ft. Slim Pickens (Prod. by Rasmus, Cuts Chinch 33) 03:09
9. How Many Mics ft. Mystic RealEyez, Tendaji Maat (Prod. by Trilian) 04:17
10. You ft. Thaione Davis, Juga-naut, Scorzayzee (Prod. by Boogie Brown) 04:31
11. Could Never Give It Up ft. S.I.T.H, Tribeca (Prod. by Venomous2000, Cuts Chinch 33) 03:10
12. Passaic Edition ft. Rashad Sun, MD, Drawz Reality (Prod. by A.C.L.) 03:48
13. I Represent ft. Mr. Fickle, Eklipz, Ellementt (Prod. by Mike Wolde) 04:51
14. Beginning Again ft. Ensilence (Prod. by Beatnikz) 03:19
15. The 4th Kind (Prod. by MecsTreem, Cuts-skit DJ Mishap) 03:21
16. Style In Here ft. Mr. Fickle (Prod. by Repeat Pattern) 02:35
17. Box God (Prod. by Farbror Filth, Cuts Tha Cutt) 02:40
18. Certified Raw (Prod. by Phalo Pantoja) 02:39
19. When In Belgium ft. Respect Tha God, Poet Substratum (Prod. by Matnez) 03:52
20. You Don't Know (Prod. by Handbook) 03:13
21. Cycles ft. Kin Cee (Prod. by Trilian) 02:05
22. Guess Who Stepped In- Ft. Ellementt (Prod. by Kammi Kazi, Cuts Divine Existence) 03:42
23. Light Beings ft. Ase (Prod. by Nhu-Rha, Cuts Chinch 33) 03:15
24. The Fit ft. Phonetic, Nalm Myerz, Light The Emcee (Prod. by Rice Master Yen, Cuts Chopzilla) 03:32 25. The Music (Prod. by DJ Keal) 03:28
26. Rock After Them ft. Rhymageddon (Prod. by DJ Irs, Cuts Chopzilla) 02:59

Nutso (feat. Trae tha Truth) - Hustler's Spirit

DM360 sends the Nutso track featuring Trae tha Truth titled "Hustler's Spirit", the debut leak taken from his forthcoming Divided Souls EP, produced entirely by Divided Souls Ent. & DJ Pain 1. Stream & Download below!!!

Richard Osborne - Playlist feat. MdotE (Remix)

British singer-songwriter ‎Richard Osborne sends his remix of his latest single "Playlist", produced by Kayzee, with MdotE on the assist.

Video: Yaves ft. Keisha Soleil - Revolver

SOHH PR sends the video for the track Revolver by Yaves with the help of Keisha Soleil on the hook, and production courtesy of Z4L.

iTunes Link:
Soundcloud Link:

Video: Connor Cassidy | Getaway

Connor Cassidy sends his latest video Getaway, produced by Teddy Roxpin.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

News: VOICE Contestant VEDO Releases ELEASES​ New Single “ALL I WANNA DO”

ATLANTA, GA (Jan. 27​, 2015) – Breakout star and singing sensation VEDO continues to give his fans exciting new music with the release of his latest single “All I Wanna Do.” The upbeat record is just a preview of what his massive fan base can expect to hear on his upcoming album. The talented Atlanta artist showcases his amazing vocal skills and creative pen game on this guaranteed hit, produced by his good friend Mello the Producer. The beloved artist celebrated his new release at Hollywood’s hottest Saturday night party inside Supper Club, alongside a bevy of beauties including fitness guru Rosa Acosta and Fox TVs Empire star V Bozeman, as well as VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood fan favorite Sincere Show and DJ Jae Murphy.

“This song is about showing a female just how different her life could be if she were with me. It’s about showing her my lifestyle and how she could be apart of it,” explains VEDO. “This album I’m working on is an introduction of who VEDO is to the world and the type of music I really like. ‘All I Wanna Do’ is just one of the type of songs that will be on the project. There will be a wide range of songs that you’ll get to hear.”

As a star on season four of NBC’s The Voice, VEDO won millions of hearts over with his genuine talent and touching story. After losing his mother to lung cancer while competing on the show, VEDO is a true inspiration and example of what it means to stay strong no matter what life throws your way. Now with a new album on the way, currently in the studio working with his idol Usher, writing hits for other major artists in the game, and prepping the release of a new video for “All I Wanna Do,” VEDO has hit the ground running in the new year.

“I’m super excited. Everything has its time to happen…everything I’ve gone through and learned was a setup for this moment, for this year,” VEDO says. “My main thing right now is staying focused and I believe with the team I have now, this is the start of something huge.”


***Thanks to Li'Mari' of Echoing Soundz for sending*** 


Atlanta artist/producer duo, ILLClinton, sends the third drop from their new #ILLClintonTuesdays series. This week, they come with a very much needed track with the release of "Free".  Stream the track below!!!

Rediculus ft. Revalation - Times Are Tuff

Revalation of EMS sends the track "Times Are Tuff" which he's featured on by Chicago producer Rediculus. Look for the upcoming album by Rediculus entitled In Response: Dee-Fi. Stream the track below!!!