Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Why Family Is Important To Your Career w/ Lloyd Musa

It's that time of year again and instead of taking a week off, Str8OutDaDen decided to reach back in the archives and give you a dope conversation between Lloyd Musa and J. Good.

The conversation took place around the time his Men Are Born Kings Are Made album was released a couple of years ago. So why bring this convo back and what does it have to do with guiding your career? Well Str8OutDaDen is glad you asked. During their sit down they talked about getting to know your family history. A VERY inspiring convo which led me to interview different members of my family and truly get an understanding of where I'm from.

I felt this would help you to become even more transparent in your music and focus more about the important things in life.

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Koncept & J57 - The Fuel EP

The Brown Bag AllStars sends the Koncept & J57 EP "The Fuel". Stream the EP below!!!

D.W.I., Larceny & Metaphorz - Blood In/Blood Out

D.W.I., Larceny & Metaphorz team up over an Audible Doctor beat for their new record “Blood In/Blood Out”. Stream & Download below!!!

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Bankrupt Billionaires - I'm Here (Nottz Remix) Ft. Rapper Pooh & Blu

Underground rap heavyweights Nottz, Rapper Big Pooh, and Blu connect on this neck-breaking remix of “I’m Here”, a smooth and soulful single from Australian group Bankrupt Billionaires. Stream the track below!!!

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Jehuniko feat. Sick Jacken - 23 Years Old

Outstanding Media sends Jehuniko's new single from his brand new album "Bittersweet Volume 2".  This hardcore street anthem features West Coast legend, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. Production was handled by Rejected Rhythemz who have worked with J.Cole & Lil Wayne to name a few.

Bittersweet Volume 2:

Video: Edo.G x Big Shug x M-Dot x Mayhem - Patriots (Trailer)

New Trailer for the upcoming "Patriots" Music Video ft. Edo. G, Big Shug, M-Dot & Mayhem (of EMS). Off Mayhem x Soulslicers' upcoming project "Soul It May Seem" (Release Date TBA) Official Video coming soon!

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Video: Dirt Platoon - Deeper Than Dirt

In anticipation for the 5 year re-release of the sentinel underground classic, "Deeper Than Dirt", Brake Fast Records, in conjunction with Dirt Platoon, release a biopic music video showcasing never before seen and behind the scenes footage in a grainy, documentary style music video for the title track.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: When Should You Start Charging For Shows?

If you are an artist then you want to get paid for your work right? It's simple, you put in the work, recorded a quality project and hit the "chitlin circuit" doing plenty of shows for free. So how do I get paid?

Well for this week's episode Str8OutDaDen discuss when should you start charging for shows. They go over three quick tips to help you determine when it's time to hand promoters that invoice. They also go over how to make your own money first before asking to get paid from others. This is a very quick episode here, but insightful.

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Scott Ramirez - Monte Cristo

Scott Ramirez presents his first full length album, Monte Cristo. Taking inspiration from an Ol’ Dirty Bastard rhyme & the novel by Alexander Dumas, this is a 12 track journal chronicling late smokey nights, self-therapy in between jobs, the daily grind for paper & intoxicated meditations on the pursuit of the good life.

With production handled by Justunlimited, ELMNT, Don Know & DJ TooM; collaborative features with HuNu, Rez Raida, Jaff Daniels, Colonel Clockwork & Lord Fury.

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1. Monte Cristo 03:36
2. Gold Leaf 02:49
3. Sonic Youth 03:33
4. Grit (feat. Don Know) 02:11
5. Dark Skin Sade 04:17
6. Old Sport 03:12
7. Nighthawks 03:13
8. Stonecutters 02:39
9. East of Yonge (feat. HuNu) 03:35
10. Varsity x Camo 03:47
11. Tectonics (feat. Rez Raida, Don Know, Jaff Daniels, Colonel Clockwork, Lord Fury) 04:07
12. Dusty Blues 02:27

MAHD - Two Too Faded feat. Brandon Bars

MAHD gives, and he takes away. If you’ve been following the unheard sniper lately you’re probably upset that he’s removing his tracks from the internet. MAHD has been on tour all summer with Black Milk and, fortunately, he’s back with "Two Too Faded". This is the first single to a project slated for Q1 of 2016 by MAHD.

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Eeva - 11 weeks

Talented 27 year old hip-hop/R&B/Neo-soul singer and a songwriter Eeva sends her song 11 weeks. On the song, Eeva describes her healing process as 'digesting a goodbye' over this amazing instrumental by Flying Lotus feat Thundercat - Between Friends.