Monday, March 30, 2015

Video: The Cypher Effect (Boston Edition) ft. Token, Alyssa Marie, Gremlin & M-Dot

Los Angeles, CA based Cypher Series "The Cypher Effect" presents its Boston Edition ft. Token, Alyssa Marie, Gremlin & M-Dot!! Check it out!

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Video: Maja7th - Get Familiar (Trailer)

Indianapolis resident producer, Maja7th (Freddie Gibbs, ADD-2, Killah Priest) releases a teaser visual in preparation for his solo compilation album 'Get Familiar' on the heels off his critically acclaimed 2014 collaboration album 'GRAND' with Columbus, OH based lyricist Dominique Larue. 'Get Familiar' is due for release around April/May '15.

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[INTERVIEW] Nutso : Behind The Grind And Work Ethic

I just can’t remembered when I started to be interested in Nutso’s music and great work ethic. All I know is that he’s definitely an inspiring artist for all of us, wanting to find a way to make it in this hip hop game. So when Ron Mills (manager of Nusto) suggested me to set up an interview, I said YES and here we have it ! Enjoy and show some luv to Nusto

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New Jersey-based rapper Ahmen presents "Headphones", the Hollywood Legend-produced single from Hero Ball, his debut album featuring production from Taliband, Hollywood Legend, Diamond Style, Trill, Scarecrow and Ear 2 Tha Beat.

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J57 ft. Archie Bang & Audible Doctor - Soarin’ Like Jordan

J57 just dropped a brand new joint featuring Archie Bang & The Audible Doctor. Check out the J57 produced “Soarin’ Like Jordan”. Stream below!!!

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Mike Two ft. Mackey - Gold Chalice

J57's new artist: Mike Two has arrived. Mike Two hails from Staten Island and brings something new to the table. He's the first artist signed to J's label, FiveSeven Music. The duo just got back from tearing down shows at SXSW and decided to release music to the public, from Mike's free LP "Thoughts of a Beautiful Dream" which is dropping this summer!

DJ Flipcyide & DJ Beanz - Zoology Mixtape [feat. Audible Doctor]

DJ Flipcyide & DJ Beanz teamed up with, to put together a heavy hitting Mixtape which features Brown Bag AllStar, Audible Doctor.

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Video: AB - 48:15

Virginia emcee AB (@AB_Wrapz) just dropped a new video on us, "48:15". The lead single from his latest mixtape showcases his lyrical ability. Assisted by R&B crooner Miguel on the hook and over the "Good Lovin" beat, AB goes in and delivers a positive and reflective track anyone can relate to.

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Video: Scotty ATL x DJ Toomp - Cloud IX

Scotty ATL's name has been buzzing alot lately. He's back again with the lyric video for his talk of the town single "Cloud IX", which is produced by DJ Toomp.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interview: al-ghazi + d.o.f. + dunn deal promotions

Cleveland, Ohio rapper Al-Ghazi (formerly known as Controversy) presents the music video for “Dear Jesus”, his new single produced by Keezy. Al-Ghazi has two full-lengths planned for 2015, the Chosen EP and Indian. “I went through high school without any friends so I always had space to think, resulting in my mind being developed at the age of 21 with an outlook on making an impact on this world through the most common ground we have here – music,” says Al-Ghazi. Of the new track he says it “touches base on what mankind has done to himself. Most people feel that money is the most powerful material in this world. It’s not. It’s man.”

What inspired you to become a rapper?

Throughout life I always caught a crazy vibe from music. My dad went from running the stress of Hough in down-the-way Cleveland, Ohio to converting to Islam and becoming a motivational spokesman for the religion. His stories helped me realize that anything is possible. So as I got older music started to surround me. Then I realized it was something that God wanted me to do in order to reach people.

Why did you change your name from Controversy to Al-Ghazi?

I was doing some research one day on names I would name my first son (currently single with no kids. I look up random stuff like that) and I found the name Gazi. I asked my dad what does Gazi mean. He said "Al-Gazi was a warrior. A scholar". It stuck with me. Plus no one had the name but him. Feels like I'm carrying on a legacy. 

What was your inspiration for “Dear Jesus”?

Man is the most powerful material and the most powerful weapon on this earth. You control man, you control the world (the material world). It's like having a whole classroom and the teacher is God. Students start forming their own opinion on how the classes should be ran by being class clowns, know-it-alls, etc. instead of actually listening to the teacher. The rest is in The Book.

What has the response been like?

Very receptive. I feel people know what I'm trying to do. The best thing you can do for someone is tell them the truth. Money, property - none of that stuff matters in the end.

What are your plans for 2015?

I'll be releasing my first album titled Chosen this November. It’ll be a mixture of many different dimensions of rap. The concept is to bring our people (all races, ethnicities and cultures) out of the enslaved mind that society has on them. The only thing that should be holding us back is God. And he would never hold us back.