Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MC Eiht - Wich Way Iz West

Compton rap veteran MC Eiht drops his first album in 11 years entitled "Which Way Iz West". The album features guest appearances from WC, B-Real, The Lady of Rage, Bumpy Knuckles, Kurupt, Xzibit among others. The album is executively produced by DJ Premier and features production from Austrian producer Brenk Sinatra.

Buy MC Eiht's new album ''Which Way Iz West'' now:


01 Shut 'Em Down (ft. Outlawz) 00:00
02 Represent Like This (ft. WC) 03:51
03 Compton Zoo 07:17
04 Heart Cold (ft. Lady of Rage) 10:03
05 Pass Me By (ft. B-Real) 13:18
06 Runn the Blocc (ft. Maylay) 17:08
07 Gangsta Gangsta (ft. Kurupt) 21:22
08 Got That (ft. DJ Premier) 27:43
09 Medicate (ft. Xzibit) 31:28
10 Born to Hustle (ft. Big Mike, J. Starr) 34:18
11 Sittin' Around Smokin' 38:13
12 As I Proceed 41:44
13 Last One's Left (ft. Comptons Most Wanted) 45:09
14 4 Tha OG'z (ft. Bumpy Knuckles) 50:04
15 You Nia'z 53:50

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