Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Album Review: Jehuniko - Gentlemen Savage & Thunder, I

Outstanding Media sends the new single from Jehuniko's upcoming album, "Thunder, I" which drops July 24th. This new song "Gentleman Savage" is melodic and raw, featuring that personal storytelling that people love from Jehuniko.  Stream below!!!

After the last release of the previous Bittersweet Volumes 1 & 2,  Los Angeles emcee Jehuniko is back with is latest release "Thunder, I".  The talented emcee showcases the rhymes and lyrical flow that comes from the passion, energy and hours of writing about about life experiences and actually going through those experiences himself that can bless others through his music.

On this album Jehuniko is not afraid to go against the grain which is missing in today's repetitive hip hop scene. If you are a fan of realism & substance, "Thunder, I" is the album for you. Standout tracks on the album are "Gentlemen Savage", "Love Is Blind" (deals with the subject of Domestic Violence), "A Letter" (dedicated to his mother & daughter) and "I Saw Myself Die Twice" (introspective track expressing his struggle, which we all can relate with our own struggle/struggles).

Jehuniko is definitely the type of artist that has the passion that is driven by Life and the Hip-Hop movement..."Thunder, I" has sounded...WAKE UP and take a listen!!!

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armywife said...

I love your music. You're a great dad, a Gentleman Savage. I appreciate you.

Lisa Cano said...

Great Job As Always Jehuniko!! You Always Know How To Keep It Real!! Can't Wait Until The 24th!!

Julie Estrada said...

Awesome sauce as usual..good vibes your ..keep up the awesome work

KP said...

Another good song.

Lizet Florentino said...

Loved it! Lyrics are so deep and meaningful ������������..

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!❤

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