Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interview: 21 Questions w/Mula Gang

Representing  Sacramento's "Oak Park" Community, is the duo Mula Gang, consisting of of twin brothers Mula & Polo. Growing up in the heart of Sacramento, Mula Gang combine the struggle they have seen at a young age, with a rhythmic and melodic flow to establish a unique take on the modern trap sound. They released a project at the end of 2016 called Twin Stories, solely produced by June On The Beat and features from IamSu! Since then, they have built a strong buzz in the Bay Area. Their new project CH.1, (short for Chosen 1s) is set to drop later this spring. The 1st song "Flip It" is produced by super producer Zaytoven. After being backed by both Grammy winning artist T-Pain and legendary rapper Cam'ron, Mula Gang has no chance of slowing down.  It's now time to check out 21 Questions w/Mula Gang.

What's On TV: 
Mula: Most of the time, we watch Wild N Out Wild N Out. 
Polo: We watch it for the artists who come out and for the funny skits.

What's On Your Music Playlist:
Mula: Migos, Playboy Carti,
Polo: Future and ourselves. We usually bumpin our shit to see what we like and what we can improve on.

Favorite Movie: 
Mula: What’s that movie we was just watching? It was lit 
Polo: Umm…City of GOD.
Mula: Yea, that shit was lit. 
Polo: Don’t forget Shottas.

Why do you "Love'' Hip Hop?
Polo: It was the hustle that brought us in. Its not easy way where we are from, from selling drugs in the street and shit. 
Mula: We love it because it was our escape from the shit that we was going through on the street. 1`P: Of course the mula too, that’s the shit.

Favorite Emcee:
Polo: We don’t really have one but we really look up to Lyfe Jennings.
Mula: Yea, he’s definitely cool.

Favorite Producer:
Mula: Metro Boomin of course.
Polo: His beats are fire.

1st rap album you ever purchased?
Mula: It was Lil Wayne’s The Carter.
Polo: I don’t remember which one it was but it was definitely Wayne’s The Carter.

How old were you when you first spit your rhyme?
Polo: 9 or 10

How did you come up with the name MULA Gang? 
Polo: Thinking about money and was just mula gang.
Mula: It’s all about the mula.

How would you describe the MULA Gang's music?
Polo: R&B Trap, 
Mula: Basically its singing and trappin. We think of Acappella, singing off the chest with a trap beat.

How has your life changed since becoming rap artists? 
Mula: A lot. 
Polo: Yea, its changed how we move in the streets & everywhere we go. From the shit that we wear to how we speak. It keeps us on our toes.
Mula: Yea, make sure we don’t slip up.

What are the MULA Gang thoughts regarding Hip-Hop's global influence?
Polo: Cities get influenced on a lot of struggles.
Mula: People look at Future and be like he traps a lot, but don’t believe that he really be trappin. But the difference is with us, is that we actually do it.
Polo: Yea we actually talk about the shit that we actually do.

What are your influences?
Polo: Family. 
Mula: Struggle, people who have nothing
Polo: And the people who are still locked and need something to keep going and fans.

What process birthed the track "Twin Giants"?
Mula: Not really process, more like a freestyle, thinking some slow shit for the beat. 
Polo: Yea we had to figure that shit for a minute. We wanted some shit that no one had.

What do you think is the most important thing you have yet to master to help your progress in the rap game?
Mula: Writing man, that shit sometimes is hard for us.
Polo: Also being patient.
Mula: Yea and helping each-other more. There’s some shit that I could be doing to help him (Mula) sometimes while we in the studio but we learning as we go.

What’s your favorite thing about performing a live show? What's your least favorite thing about performing a live show?
Polo: If ya DJ not turnt, there might as well be no show. We love to have a big crowd, its mad turnt up. 
Mula: But if its not, it wack.

Where do you see the MULA Gang in 5 years?
Mula: Billionaire, 
Polo: Millionaires, young rich niggas, ice out with tech fleek.

What’s up next for the MULA Gang?
Polo: Tours coming soon, special pop up within someone’s tour. This person everyone knows so it’s definitely a good look for us. 
Mula: Can’t forget the music though, that’s coming real soon. We really bout to flood the streets.

Any Last Words?
Both: Gang, Gang, Gang! Chosen 1’s lets do this shit.

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