Friday, September 2, 2016

Adam Reverie - Soul Ties EP

It’s a safe bet to say most men deal with temptation, albeit in different ways. As far as Detroit Hip-Hop/Soul Artist Adam Reverie, he chooses to deal with it in song on his latest EP “Soul Ties”. As indicative by the name the short play focuses on the soul of Adam and how he battles inside himself with lust, debt, doubt and much more. At 6 records long Reverie covers impressive depths on his provocative "Soul Ties". A transparent body of spiritual reflection and vulnerability, "Soul Ties" will make you smile, cry, reflect and maybe even embrace a new found spirituality. "Soul Ties" is a must listen.

***Thanks to Adam Reverie for sending***

Purchase Link: bum/soul-ties-ep/id1148295079

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