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DOF x TRADIIO Interview: 21 Questions with Surma

DEFINITION OF FRESH x TRADIIO presents you to the talented Electronic music artist Surma, from Leiria, Portugal. This talented artist has a musical soundscape worth checking entitled "Maasai"....Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Surma.

What's On TV: I don't watch television! It's a rare thing!

What's On My Playlist: I hear a lot of things, but actually I have St.Vincent, Hudson Mohawke, Poliça, Julia Kent, Beak, Deradoorian, Moderat and a lot more eheh.

Favorite Movie: Dear Frankie

Magazines/Books: Magazines: Blitz, DIF

Books: The Road, Blood Meridian, No country for old men (Cormac McCarthy), An Iceland Fisherman (Pierre Loti), etc.

Why do you "Love'' Music? I always love music, who doesn't? It's been a passion since I was 5/6 years old and it was just because of my dad. He has several vinils of very different bands, which goes from Johnny Cash to The Doors and to Miles Davis, and he always influenced me a lot to hear different sounds and research always new things. It gives me a calm sensation and it always make me happier.

Favorite Artist: Annie Clark from St.Vincent

Favorite Group: Sleep Party People

Favorite Producer: John Congleton, Hudson Mohawke and Trent Reznor (I can't choose between these three, they are just genius)

1st Album, CD or Download you ever purchased? It was Unchained by Johnny Cash

How old were you when you when you realized you wanted to be an artist? I guess since I was a little girl, maybe with 5/6 years old. Music as always been very present in my life since I was a little one. I started to learn drums at the age of 6, when I turn 13 I started learning classical guitar, 15 years old I started to learn classical piano and when I turn 18 years old I joined into a jazz school to learn voice and stand up bass. I always had a very close and special relationship with music.

How would you describe your music? Honestly, nor do I know ahah. I don't like to label music. I try very things at the same time, it's experimental or noise, ambience, minimal, electronic, lo-fi, it's a mix of all these.

How has your life changed since becoming an artist? A lot!! I don't have time for nothing, drive a lot, know a lot of cities, people and places, eat a lot of junk food and I love that kind of changes eheh it's a new perspective of life and I love that.

What are thoughts on the presence & importance of women in music? I think over the years society has changed a lot their opinions about women in music. It's a more liberal and open minded society! Women were always been underestimated at the music industry and I don't know why! Men are afraid of losing their place? They feel ashamed for being a women to represent the music industry? I don't know why we were so underestimated in music! Year after year we note very women came out of their shell and this is great! I think women, actually, are very strong at the music industry and we must be handled just like the man's are. We are all important!

What's the meaning of your name Surma? Surma it's an indigenous tribe from Etiopia. At the time I was watching a documentary that was talking about different tribes and the name keep immediately in my head!

What are your influences? I listen a lot of different bands/artists, but my principal influences are Annie Clark (St.VIncent), Agnes Obel, Nanome and Grouper.

What was the process that birthed the single Maasai? I was at my rehearsal room and I was boring with nothing. I started to do some riffs on the sinth and it feels like all of the instruments were brought to life. It was very natural and genuine. It means a lot to me that single!

What do you think is the most important thing you have yet to master to help your progress in music? All eheh I'm a little perfectionist and I feel there is always something missing. It's all about hard work, time and dedication, and above all that...a lot of love!

What’s your favorite & least thing about performing a live show? My favorite thing it's a great crowd, applauses, the conversations at the end of the show and having fun

Least Thing: When people talk in the middle of a song.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years? Hmm, I don't really think about the future! Like always said, I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Only time will tell!

What’s up next for Surma? The plans are an album to launch in the beginning of the year (if things go well), new single at September and always having fun!

Any Last Words? I want to thank all the people for the support and for all the help and opportunities that are given to me and I hope that will continue just like that! And thank you so much to Omnichord Records and Tradiio for believing in me and for all the support.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope that I have answered correctly your questions Best Regards


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