Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Video: X-Ray: Part 1 (Web Series)

X-RAY Chapter One from Rostam Productions on Vimeo.
“X-Ray” is a hip-hop themed narrative web series that gives its audience a ground level view into the daily life of an aspiring young artist named Marcus Ray played by one of the rising stars in the PDX scene, Mikey Fountaine. Part One is set in 2014, at the height of the tumultuous relationship between artists and the Portland Police Department. We follow Marcus as he battles through personal tragedy while navigating everything else an artist deals with in daily life, including relationships, family, friends, and the grind that puts money in his pocket. Starring Fountaine, and featuring performances and music by musicians from Portland’s up and coming Hip-Hop / R&B scene, “X-Ray” tells it’s story with a soundscape that shows off some of the best music the city has to offer. Also starring: Epp of TxE, Keely DiPietro, Wes Guy, 5th Sequence, Koncept of Brown Bag All-Stars, Gregory Marks and more.

Watch season one of X-Ray and be on the look out for part two being released this April.

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Stream: X-Ray Part: 1 (Episode 1-5) 

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