Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I.M.P sends a new submission for consideration from Gibrilville, a World Hip hop and Alternative band. Gibril started a solo career with his series of mix-tapes, followed by the recent "The Foreigner J.J.C Deluxe". The project tells the story of a young African artist that redefines the modern day griot experience by fusing African-American Hip Hop and promoting Africa through his music.


1. Foreign Exchange Hustler 04:13
2. We are going to make it ft kwabena Jones 04:42
3. Bad Girl 03:47
4. SEXY LADY 03:49
5. Take Your Life ft Reggie Rockstone 04:08
6. Streets Of Africa ft M1 03:30
7. Ghetto Youths ft Blitz The Ambassdor 03:55
8. Righteous Gangster ft Black Prophet 03:07
9. This is who i am 03:42
10. Long Road 05:05
11. Love Me Not ft Faraji, Luke Larkin, and Malik Darby 03:27
12. What You See ft M1 03:38
13. Ma Cherie Remix ft Faraji 04:17
14. Passports 03:46
15. All I Know 03:30
16. I Am Guilty 04:25

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