Friday, February 12, 2016

DOF x TRADIIO Interview: 21 Questions w/ Ayelle

DEFINITION OF FRESH x TRADIIO presents you to the talented and creative London, UK artist, Ayelle.  This talented artist has the previous release worth checking out, Kanye West - Real Friends (Calper X Ayelle Rework), produced by Calper....Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Ayelle.

What's On TV:

I don't watch it much, last thing I saw was Reggie Yates Extreme UK documentary.

What's On My Playlist:

Tinashe, The Internet, Flume, Wafia to mention a few.

Favorite Movie:

umm no all-time favourite but one of my favourite ones in the last few years must be 'obvious child'.

Favorite Website?



The Power of Now, anything written by Khaled Hosseini & the Harry Potter books, I'm not gonna lie.

Why do you "Love'' Music?

Because to me it's the sincerest form of communication

Favorite Artist:


Favorite Group:


Favorite Producer:


1st album you ever purchased?

'Destiny Fulfilled' by Destiny's Child was probably the first album I purchased on my own. 

How old were you when you sang your 1st song?

I was 6 when i wrote my first whole song, and I remember singing it to everyone which was probably quite annoying. 

How would you describe your music?

bitter-sweet r&b with electronic influences

How has your life changed since becoming an artist?

I've been recording since I was 15 so it's been quite a smooth transition I suppose, it was never an abrupt decision to become an artist so I can't really tell how it's changed my life. I guess I would say that it's opened my eyes and perhaps forced me to grow up quicker.

What are thoughts on the music scene in London and the UK and it's influence on the world?

The London scene seems to be doing incredibly well atm and it's really exciting to be a part of. It's hard to tell where the influences really start because the sharing of information between different countries has never been easier and music is travelling faster than ever before.

What are your influences?

Artists that are paving their own path with unique sounds like Kelela, Banks & SZA.

What was the process that birth the rework of Kanye West's "Real Friends"?

A friend said he'd like to hear a female vocal on it so I thought I'd give it a go. I had a session that same day with Calper, the producer, working on another project and at the end of the session I suggested it and we ended up coming up with something.

What do you think is the most important thing you have yet to master to help your progress in the music industry?

The industry in general, how it works etc. The music is obviously the most important thing but that's constantly evolving anyhow and the learning process is natural. I think that as an artist it requires more effort on my side to take an interest in what might come less naturally, which would be dealing with the industry side of things. But as we're in a DIY landscape that is constantly evolving it's so important to stay in the loop.

What’s your favorite thing about performing a live show? And your least favorite thing about performing a live show?

When you capture people's attention with just the first few notes of a song, and you see them turn their heads from whatever else they were doing and you have their undivided attention, that's priceless. The least favourite thing would probably be pretty obvious, like when the sound is bad or there's a drunk crowd that won't be quiet haha.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

That's so hard to say, I'm open to whatever comes along and that's part of the fun; that I don't know where I'll be in 5 years at all. And to be honest, even if someone would be able to tell me, I wouldn't want to know.

What’s up next for Ayelle?

Well my EP 'Machine' will be out in April and I'm really looking forward to that. I'll just be focusing on that for a while, continue gigging and working with new people of course and hopefully creating new projects with new meanings.

Any Last Words?

I gig around London quite a bit and will have an EP launch in April, so people can keep an eye out for upcoming dates at xx

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