Wednesday, September 16, 2015

21 Questions w/Shore Shot

DEFINITION OF FRESH aka DOF presents you to the talented and creative New Jersey bred emcee, Shore Shot.  This talented spitta has these releases worth checking out hosting the Episode 31 of the Independent Coolness radio show podacst, and his most recent releases "Summer Ours" - produced by Eric G JAMLA/Soul Council and "Point Spread" feat. Missy Russoman - produced by !llmind and  from Shore Shot's new album "Return of The Tide"..  Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Shore Shot.

Born: 8/6/81 (Neptune, NJ)

What's On TV: True Detective, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods

What's On My Playlist: Petestrumentals 2 (Pete Rock), Speechless (Eric G), The SP1200 Project (Lord Finesse), Israeli Salad (Alchemist), Deeply Rooted (Scarface), Yes (Slum Village), Tonite Show (eMC), Music for my friends (Skyzoo), 12 Reasons to Die 2 (Ghostface and Adrian Young), Goddess (Banks), Aquarius (Tinashe)

What I Drive: Civic

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers

Magazines/Books: Anything written by John Grisham

Why do you "Love'' Hip Hop? It's from the soul.

Favorite Emcee: Guru

Favorite Group: Gang Starr

Favorite Producer: DJ Premier

1st rap album you ever purchased? He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

When did you spit your 1st bar and do you remember it? 1999 - authentic as a new jers I'm guardin the state! (that's all that I recall)

1st Job: a store called the "Soccer Post". I got a great discount on addidas's that year.

Hidden Talent: Cold calling

Favorite Meal: Extra Surf hold the Turf

Dream Collabo: DJ Premier … i'd call it, "sum of all fears"

My Greatest Love: Music

Favorite Sports Team: UNC Tarheels

Favorite Websites: i can promise you this … it isn't worldstar!

Motto: slowly but shorely

Any Last Words: thank you for showing up for shot music

Latest Project/Projects:

Independent Coolness - Ep. 31 Hosted by Shore Shot

Shore Shot - Summers Ours (produced by Eric G JAMLA/Soul Council

Shore Shot - Point Spread feat. Missy Russoman (produced by !llmind)

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