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DOF Interview : 21 Questions w/ Art Morera

DEF!NITION OF FRESH aka DOF presents you to the talented, articulate and creative South Florida bred emcee, Art Morera.  This talented spitta has the previous releases worth checking out, such as Arthur EP, 12:00AM and the recent released project Morera EP.  Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Art Morera.

Born: I was born on January 12, 1987 in Miami, Florida. Both my parents are Cuban.

What's On TV: Right now it's a competition between South Park and It's Always Funny In Philadelphia. Both shows are hilarious and the writing is genius.

What's On My Ipod: Right now, I'm mainly listening to my own music, but I also like to listen to Linkin Park, Joe Budden, Bone Thugs N Harmony and of course, The Beatles.

What I Drive: I drive my '98 Green 328i BMW.

Favorite Flick: It's hard to decide on one all time favorite but I'd say the Back To The Future trilogy. All the characters from Marty McFly and The Doc, to Lou the bartender that gives George McFly the chocolate milk was awesome. You can watch that trilogy a hundred times and it never gets old.

Magazines/Books: My favorite book is "Projection Of The Astral Body" by Sylvan J. Muldoon. That book explains a lot, not just astral projection and lucid dreams. It gives a great outlook and understanding on life.

When did you fall in "love'' with Hip Hop? I feel like I've been in love with it my whole life.

Favorite Emcee: Eminem. No one puts words together better than Em.

Favorite Group: Bone Thugs N Harmony. They were ahead of their time with their meolodies and flows. East 1999 is one of the best albums in music, period.

Favorite Producer: Dr. Dre's beats are classic. Timbaland as well. There are many incredible producers, I'm fortunate to be working with the producers I make music with.

1st rap album you ever purchased? I honestly can't remember the first one I do remember having Big Pun's "Capital Punishment" and Bone Thug's "East 1999" as some of my first CD's I bought.

When did you spit your 1st bar and do you remember it? It was a long time ago, I was really intricate and abstract with my rhymes when I first started rapping, like Aesop Rock or Slug. For this interview I went into the oldest rhyme book I still have. The first 2 bars in the notebook was "I feel I'm ready to say I'm over my envious stage - who would've known my pen would start a rebellious plague" #throwback

1st Job: My first job was at McDonalds. I worked the drive thru and told jokes to people waiting in line.

Hidden Talent: I draw. I drew better when I was younger but I still sketch here and there.

Favorite Meal: Anything my Abuela Hilda (my grandmother) cooks is legendary. She makes this Chicken Cordon Bleu that's delicious. She puts a lot of love in the meals she makes when we are together.

Dream Date: Fly to Japan with my girl, she likes sushi.

My Greatest Love: Music

Favorite Sports Team: Miami Heat.

Favorite Websites: #shamelessplug

Motto: 12:00AM

Any Last Words: Shout outs to all my fans and supporters, NikkiSiixx, Drew Money, Reflection Dynamiks, and Definition Of Fresh for this interview. Remember, be thankful for the time you have. 12:00AM


South Florida emcee Art Morera latest release, Morera EP which features 8 tracks that finishes  the Arthur Morera series which include a grand total of 13 amazing records that take you in his life.  Hit the link below and enjoy!!!


1. "Small World" 04:30
2. "Lil Sum'n" 04:06 
3. "Work" 02:48 
4. "On Deck" 04:17 
5. "Sometimes" 03:14 
6. "Too Well" 03:36 
7. "Answer Machines" (feat. QuESt) 03:06 
8. "Dollars For Dreamers" 03:17



Art Morera sends the visual to his track "About".

Off The Arthur EP available now at

Produced by Ricky Banks
Filmed by Kimber Vasquez
Directed and Edited by Art Morera

More Information About Art Morera:

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