Monday, April 3, 2017

Red Pill - Day Drunk (Extended Edition)

On November 27, 2015 Red Pill released the 6 track "Day Drunk EP".  Since then, three bonus tracks from the sessions have been created with production from Paul White, Black Milk and Illingsworth. With the new bonus tracks the EP has turned into the "Day Drunk LP".  Stream the LP below and enjoy!!!


1. What You Wish For (prod. Paul White) 03:00
2. 90s Money (prod. Alex Goose) 02:57
3. Inside (prod. Hir-O) 02:49
4. Fly On A Window (feat. Blu / prod. Oddisee) 03:41
5. Porn & Milk (prod. Exile) 03:29
6. Day Drunk 03:15
7. Selfish (prod. Black Milk) 03:38
8. Mad World (prod. Paul White) 02:44
9. Probably Not (prod. Illingsworth) 03:12

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