Friday, October 7, 2016

Muckaniks - Self Diagnosis

The result of being forced to deal with situations you aren't old enough to understand, Self Diagnosis the debut album from Muckaniks is a brutally honest reflection on the mental issues his childhood left him with. Built from the ground up by Mucky, it is as truthful as he could possibly be, giving himself the chance to finally let go of his demons.

The album isn't comparable to a style of Hip-Hop the UK is yet to brand, throwing the influences of old school, new school, grime & everything in-between into a blender, pouring it into a glass and smashing it over your head.

Featuring 'Insomniac' which was played on BBC Radio 1: ksproducer/insomniac-featparri s-robbo-piers-james

Guest appearances include Piers James, Parris Robbo and Flexx Tyler


Spotify: album/43VJvDuY86XwbICKt1uWXp

***Thanks to MC Bravado for sending***

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