Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior

Twenty-four producers, DJs, and emcees from Richmond, Virginia are excited to present a collaborative hip-hop tribute charity album featuring the iconic melodies from Street Fighter II. Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior breathes new life into each of the world warriors' themes, and best of all, proceeds will be donated to the Richmond-based Building a Better RPS charitable organization to benefit public schools in the area. Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior is available today wherever digital music is sold. Stream below!!!

***Thanks to 8-Bit Mullet for sending***


01. Player Select (feat. Dope Solo) 01:15
02. Chun Li (feat. Johnny Ciggs, John Canada & Sultans) [Chun Li Theme Remix] 03:30
03. Player 8 (feat. 1Nf1N1T8 & Dogfuck) [Blanka Theme Remix] 02:17
04. Yoga Master (feat. Tru Nyce & Santa Kilmagik) [Dhalsim Theme Remix] 03:26
05. You've Got Gall, You've Got Guile (feat. PT Burnem & Ninja Ropes) [Guile Theme Remix] 02:53
06. Dread Kicks (feat. RT & Dope Solo) [DeeJay Theme Remix] 02:51
07. Sagat (feat. Phd Khari) [Sagat Theme Remix] 05:39
08. Take Me Away (feat. LithiumGod) [T. Hawk Theme Remix] 02:19
09. One Fall (feat. Black Liq & Lord Slugg) [Akuma Theme Remix] 01:30
10. Atomic Suplex (feat. Moe Dinero & F1ng3rs) [Zangief Theme Remix] 02:19
11. Concentrate (feat. Goad Gatsby & Lord Slugg) [Ken Theme Remix] 02:45
12. Psycho Crusher (feat. BCMusic1st & Ant the Symbol) [M. Bison Theme Remix] 03:01

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