Monday, July 10, 2017

Oddisee - Mental Liberation (Remastered)

One of Oddisee & Mello Music Group's first records together, Mental Liberation has been remastered by Joe Hutchinson (The Avett Brothers, Ben Folds and Cage The Elephant) while also getting new original artwork from Austin Hart (Pete Rock, Apollo Brown) featuring LMNO, Hassaan Mackey, Bilal Salaam, Dudley Perkins, Prince Po, yU, Kenn Starr, Silent Knight, XO, J-Live, Stik Figa, Trek Life, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Rapper Big Pooh, Black Milk, DJ Romes, DJ Clear, MED, Invincible and Finale.  


1. HipHop's Cool Again 03:31
2. Let The Music (feat. LMNO) 02:32
3. The Jungle (feat. Hassaan Mackey & Bilal Salaam) 03:46
4. Get Up (feat. Declaime, Prince Po & yU) 03:40
5. Q & A (feat. Kenn Starr) 02:32
6. Rhymes Get Written (feat. Silent Knight & Uptown XO) 03:39
7. What's Crazy (feat. Stik Figa & J-Live) 03:24
8. Cold For That (feat. Trek Life) 03:35
9. Endure (feat. MED, Rapper Big Pooh & Georgia Anne Muldrow) 03:31
10. Don't Sleep (feat. Invincible & Finale) 03:58
11. Drugs Outside (feat. Black Milk & Rapper Big Pooh) 04:01
12. When Everything Changed 03:28
13. Is That Why You're Here (Japanese Version) 01:53
14. Revival (Bonus) 01:50
15. Holding It Back feat. Motion Man (Bonus) 02:58

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