Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mz Boom Bap - The Rawness EP

Phoniks sends the debut project from Portuguese producer Mz Boom Bap "The Rawness EP". Features include Don’t Sleep Records co-founders Awon & Phoniks (bars and DJ cuts, respectively), Curtis Roach, Nemesyzz Rigby, Philo, Ryler Smith and MC Shinobi.


1. Life Over Death (ft. Awon & Phoniks) 03:55
2. Heard Em Say (ft. Curtis Roach) 03:47
3. A Kids Story About Trains (ft. Nemesyzz Rigby) 04:35
4. Rootz (ft. Philo) 03:32
5. Jutsu (ft. Ryler Smith) 03:08
6. Sometimes (ft. MC Shinobi) 02:56

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