Friday, March 11, 2016

DOF x TRADIIO Interview: 21 Questions w/ Koi Kurama

DEFINITION OF FRESH x TRADIIO presents you to the talented and creative Florida artist, Koi Kurama. This talented artist has tracks worth checking out such as the track "BoneFish", produced by Marco, "Balloons", produced by Wizman and the banger she's featured on "Rated R" by Young Troubled Minds....Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Koi Kurama.

What's On TV: - I don’t watch a lot of tv; I'm more into Netflix TV series or horror films.

What's On My Playlist: - I always have underground artists on my playlist, but currently I've been bumping "The Life of Pablo", by Kanye it was beautifully done. “Malibu", by Anderson Paak & lastly "Forest Hills Drive", by J.Cole.

Favorite Movie: - A favorite movie is hard considering I watch all types of crazy films, but I'd have to say if I could choose between any three it would be "Donnie Darko", "Short Term 12", & "Leon: The Professional".

Magazines/Books: - I’ve been really slacking on reading, I used to be a huge book geek but i’ve been really into spiritual books that teach self-love & connecting your body and soul.

Why do you "Love'' Music? - I love music because it makes me feel "Love" in general, through life I have gone through so much as all people do but with music it’s been consistent, I fall in love every time I create something or hear something I vibe too.

Favorite Emcee: - My favorite emcee is me, there aren’t a lot of female rappers in general with actual talent to spit bars & keep a flow. So I pride myself on being able to kick it with the boys.

Favorite Group: - My Favorite group is "Chapter Black" most people don’t know about us, because who is hip to the underground now and days? But it is a collective of very diverse individuals; the music is different with each person so it’s a lot of talent waiting to be released.

Favorite Producer: - I currently don’t have a favorite producers I'm always looking for new sounds to get into and test myself with, but if I had a "go to" guy I would say Wizman, he produced the beat for Balloons and continues to bless me with gems.

1st album you ever purchased? - I’ve actually never purchased a real album lol, but when I do just know it’s going to be that Koi Kurama!

How old were you when you wrote your 1st lyric or spit your 1st rhyme? - I was in the 8th grade when I wrote my first couple songs & bars, so probably 13-14 years old is when everything started kicking off.

What's the meaning of your name Koi Kurama? - "Koi" comes from the actual fish, I was watching a documentary in class one day & they were explaining how these koi fish swim upstream till they reach the top even though the current flows extremely strong down, the koi fish symbolize "never giving up" and I felt that in my soul so I took it. "Kurama" comes from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, Yoko Kurama the demon fox he was kind hearted though, very articulate & always did things with good intent, I reflect that in my own personal morals. 

How would you describe your music? - My music is raw & real, my music is the definition of being myself. Everything I make, say or do stems from a situation, trial or struggle I’ve gone through good or bad. My life, the people in it & the things I experience are my muse.

How has your life changed since becoming an artist? - My life seems to have meaning now, I feel like I know what I want & what i’m working for. I’m determined to make it by any means possible but only on my terms. Becoming an artist has really helped me find myself, it’s such a hard struggle when you have to work just as hard as the people making it, or harder than the people trying to make it because everyone wants a spot but not everyone is doing this for the same reasons as me. It’s helped me develop a lot; you meet so many different people that have connected you & try to get you into so many different things. It can be intimidating, and it’s not easy at all but it’s my passion.

What are thoughts on the presence & importance of women in music? - I feel like we have a lot of women artists but everything’s so cliché, and that’s why we don’t get as much recognition. I feel like women rely on their sex appeal to much & not there actual talent. I can’t tell you how many time someone has told me people like me more because i’m a girl & i’m attractive, or that I should use my attractiveness to get more connections, or get further then where I am now. I choose to work, I work hard for myself, everything i’ve done over the past two years i’ve successfully completed without even really showing my face to the world. I don’t have an image, I don’t have sex appeal, i’m just a Florida girl who loves music & continues to grind for it.

What are your influences? - My influences are myself, my son, and Chapter Black: Dan V, Fayde, Shway, etc. They are my influences to keep working, I watch my brothers accomplishments whether it’s big or small & I thrive on that to be better myself.

What was the process that birth the tracks "BoneFish" and "Balloons"? - Both of these songs literally stemmed from me being fed up. Fed up with people, fed up with my state, just fed up with life in general. Everything’s a learning process for me, I’m constantly evolving & these songs were my subconscious way of voicing the shit I had built up inside of me over the last year, 2015 was crazy for me but I came out a god & i’m still creating.

What do you think is the most important thing you have yet to master to help your progress in the music game? - I haven’t found my image; I don’t know how I want to present myself to the people yet. I’ve gone from being known as the girl who can spit flame, to a flower child & who knows what next. I’m working on finding myself as a person so I can present my gifts properly, I don’t plan to be just anybody.

What’s your favorite & least thing about performing a live show? - My favorite thing about preforming is when the people actually interact, it’s great to open your eyes & see the people feeling your vibes, and it’s like your recreating that feeling you had when you first wrote the song. I feed off the energy people give me so it sucks when I go to shows and I see dope performers but nobody knows how to actually get involved or are too afraid to actually show love unless it’s there homeboy. My least favorite thing about preforming is that you don’t know what to expect, if things are going to be organized properly, etc. Little things can set a bad tone for a performance; you need just the right vibes.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years? - In 5 years i’m pretty sure I will be exactly where I pictured myself all these years, my dreams will be built into a reality by my own hands.

What’s up next for Koi Kurama? - I’m currently off the scene; I’m working on my craft & myself. I’m reinventing Koi, i’m growing, and I’m developing into something people will never understand but will be left in awe when I finally present it. Any & everything I’m working on from this point on has to be up to par with my definition of perfect or the closest thing to it. I refuse to sell my work or I short anymore, I’m working.

Any Last Words? - Keep your eyes open for "Green House" it’s still coming, just be patient with me on this, Support Chapter Black, Support the Underground. #FreeWolfBlood

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