Monday, February 1, 2016

Interview: 21 Questions w/ Redrum

DEFINITION OF FRESH presents you to the talented and creative New York bred emcee, Redrum. This talented spitta has the mixtape worth checking out entitled "Crack The Surface".  Now it's time to check out the interview 21 Questions with Redrum.

What's On TV?
I don't watch tv, but streaming is "The Man From Nowhere" Chinese action flick, it's dope!

What's On The Playlist?

A whole lot of instrumentals, Biggie, Fun, Nas, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, The Red Hot Chili peppers, Pete Rock & CL Smooth "They Reminisce Over You" and Main Source - "Live at the Barbecue".

What's your guilty pleasure?

Drinking and freestyling to instrumentals, If I could jump in every cypher on the street around the world I would.. I sparked hundreds of cyphers beatboxing in front of every club I've ever performed at.. dudes love sh*t , they go in..

Favorite Flick?

My favorite all time is Between - Golgo 13 the professional, The Ten Commandments, and Tommy Boy

Favorite Artist?
Biggie. when I listen to "Juicy" I can relate to so much growing up.

Favorite Group?

I guess if you put all the artists that were on the song "Banned from T.V." together - Big Pun, Cam'ron, Jadakiss, Styles P, N.O.R.E. and Nature, that would be my favorite group. with N.O.R.E. at the tail end.

Favorite Producer?

DJ Premier , between Jeru Da Damaja's "Come Clean", Biggie's "Kick in the Door" and even the new track he produced for Royce da 5'9 "Courtesy" Listen man, He's encompasses what streets sound like.

1st rap album you ever purchased?

I stole my first album Nice & Smooth "Ain't a damn thing changed" ..No pun intended. "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" was my shit. First one I ever bought "De La Soul is Dead".

How old were you when you first spit your rhyme?
In front of people? 13. I was Beatboxing at 7 years old.

How would you describe your music?

A story of meaning & survival. Quick witted word play & invention to let the fire go.. but some song you can just listen to over and over, something about getting straight to the point on somethings and saying F*ck it

1st Job?

I was 7, my mom was working the grave yard shift, to put food on the table, I walked around the neighborhood asking store owners if they needed help, finally got hired as a pharmacy stocking shelves, lasted only a few days though, people thought it nice, I was just doing it cause I saw her busting her ass. 

How has your life changed since becoming a rap artist?

Yeah, in the beginning for better, because of the free expression, the feeling is so great to just write hundreds of pages of rhymes, Then for the worse when I was killing shows every week, but the frustration of going home broke afterwards made me hate the industry for a while, the politics.. then coming out of pocket so much, just to perform, just to go home and do it all over again. But I'd be lying to you if I didn't say Rap got me through and made me not want to give up after tragic operation, battling insomnia, depression and trying to keep it all together.

Hidden Talent?

Making people laugh their asses off and be themselves. But, hidden, getting people through tough times they don't want to talk about. inspiring, I guess, letting them know the Why, behind not giving up.

Favorite Meal?
Lasagna. If I'm drinking, a double cheese burger, Oh Yeah !

How did you come up with your name Redrum?

When my crew broke up in 1998 I went solo. The producer I was working with at the time, Vernon Reid, who was going to produce our next album, told me I had to come up with something that stood out and connect my name to me.. I've been called RED my whole life, So I picked the name REDRUM, because in my favorite movie "The Shining" I saw there was a whole other side to that word, as there is with me an person. doesn't necessarily, mean violent, just period.. a lot of people judge you for face value, but you'd be surprised what a person.

Favorite Sports Team?

Shit man, Pass ! lol, after I had a ACL surgery on my knee, i couldn't watch sports, it reminded me of what I couldn't do anymore. but It was the Bulls

What are your thoughts New York's influence on today's Hip-Hop's?

It's the birth place, the toughness in the streets, survival through expression, the culture & style where it all came from with word play and flow, graffiti, djing, breaking. I think any artist today is influenced by so much tradition & style and any artist worth his or her salt knows and respects that.

What are your influences?

Life around me, survival, looking for a purpose for going through so much sh*t. Listening to artists like Jim Croce share his stories year and years ago mixed with someone like the lead singer from the Doors who had the balls to say something about what's going today. Looking back while in and out of hospitals fighting for my life and going through so much sh*t it's like an action movie on a beat.. sorry, did I just rant there ?

What process birthed your mixtape "Crack The Surface"?

I needed to let the fans and industry know I've been here, but Create something that was going to crack the surface for me, with the Music to say Fuck it I Got This ! through it all, i'm hoping on a train with headphones on, and going somewhere to get into My world.. looking for outlet and a reason for it all, let them know what I'm about, hear things that would tie them to my lifestyle and music. survival, drinking, purpose to vent & but out through word play. I wrote and recorded the whole mixtape while living in a hostile environment, where there was constant noise, no sleep, living in a place that room mates where pulling knives out, stealing shit, the lights were out for months ! it was crazy.. But I made it

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Touring, writing songs for other people & artists, but mainly experiencing other cultures and sharing pain in common that I know people need to hear to get through.

Any Last Words?

You want to know someone else is going through it, look to the person next to you. Listen to the Mixtape ! and tell me I didn't flip the f*ck out and create something out of nothing

Latest Project:

Redrum releases his new mixtape to Crack The Surface and let fans know who he is an artist. The rapper, beatboxer and graffiti bomber offers up something more then just tracks. He worked on it like an album to give fans something extra, such as the hot single "Crash Symphony" w/ the Remix ft. Mic Handz & Napoleon da Legend and "She Got A Wicked Way of Expressing" ft Melodiq. The album was recorded at Melo Uptown recording studio, the same people who built up singer Jerzee Monet. Redrum is releasing the mixtape to get fans ready for his 2nd album coming sometime this year. Follow Redrum at #RapperRedrum on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and

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