Thursday, March 3, 2016

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Balancing Act: Breaking Down The Role Of A Publicist

At least once a month I'm asked by some artist would I be interested in managing them. Every time I have the same response, "Why do you need a manager?". Now most of the time I'm met with a bit of resistance, but then there are some artist who can run down the list of reasons why having a manager is so important to their career. It mostly boils down to "I need to get on more blogs and I need to get booked for shows". To that I always suggest seeking a publicist and a booking agent.

Now do I think artist should have managers? Absolutely...when they have a career to manage. On this week's episode we talk the balancing act of PR, while breaking down the role of a publicist. We are joined by Ben Rhinesmith of BLUE Public Relations. He gives us the real meaning of what a publicist should be and talks his new service The Artist's Guide that he is offering to clients.

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